Messarm mit Kalibrierkonus designed by sigma3D

Measuring Arm

A measuring arm is a mobile coordinate measuring machine which can be used very flexibly due to its many degrees of freedom and its small dimensions. Using a portable measuring arm, our engineers can measure the complete geometry of a component. Unlike a coordinate measuring machine, a measuring arm has no linear sensors. The combination of fixed lengths with high-resolution incremental angle encoders makes it possible to reach any point in space within the measuring volume from different probing directions. sigma3D uses measuring arms from FARO for this technique.

Measuring volume:

The measuring volume of the measuring arm is limited to the respective length of the arm. sigma3D uses measuring arms with different measuring arm lengths from 1.8 m to 3.6 m depending on the measuring application. The measuring volume can be extended at will by special measuring procedures and the combination with a laser tracker.

Accuracy of measurement:

The measuring accuracy of the measuring arm depends on the length of the arm. The bandwidth of the maximum volumetric deviation ranges from 0.034mm to 0.091mm.


For the tactile measurement of components or fixtures we use different software packages depending on the measurement task. sigma3D relies on the software packages Polyworks, Spatial Analyzer, Metrolog, MeasureX.

Data exchange:

Data exchange is possible via e-mail, ftp server or directly on site. Alternatively, it is of course also possible to send it by post and CD data carrier. The latest measuring technology, software and our expertise offer you a highly accurate and digital truth.