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Reverse Engineering of a Hair Dryer


Not every measurement task at sigma3D has to do with measuring at first glance.

But the customer's needs are always at the centre of every measurement and in this case this is a change in the focus of the service, which we were able to help with.


EAMS Engineering & Management GmbH wants to be perceived as a full service provider for its customers. So far the company has mainly experience in global automotive engineering and now wants to bring back the radial hair dryer!

And this with the latest electrical engineering. For this purpose, sigma3D GmbH is to create a full-scale replica based on the existing original hair dryer from the 1980s. The image is to be parametrically structured and displayed in a CAD model. The goal is a design object that is optimally adapted to the functionality.


When a fully editable (parametric) CAD model is required, the designer uses the point cloud as a reference for building the model, especially if the model is built completely from "zero" in any CAD environment.

Each step in building a CAD model depends on the design intent. This information is required by an experienced designer to create a complete model, which should include the exact shape, separators, drafts, fillets and the construction tree, so that the model can be modified later.

In this case, the intention is a fully functional design piece with the latest electrical engineering.

The measurement task is solved with a GOM Atos. The result of the 3D scan is a polygonal model. Based on the polygonal model, the CAD data is modeled.


The measurement result is a fully parametric solid model in native format. The generated surfaces lie on the scan data with a high degree of accuracy and thus precisely reflect the real object. The CAD models can be further processed without restrictions.

For our customer, however, it means that he has taken another step as a company towards becoming a full service provider and the hair dryer has arrived in the 21st century through reverse engineering.


"Our requirements in the production of a hair dryer require a precise 3D model based on scan data. With the solution offered by sigma3D GmbH using the software Rapidform® XO Redesign™, this has been optimally achieved".

- EAMS Engineering & Management GmbH, Project Manager, Marvin Schleck -


If you have any questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us!